IMG_6627Agnes Cross

Teacher – Sunflower Class

(903) 868-1019

Ms. Agnes has been teaching at Belden Street since it’s founding in the fall of 1985. She is beloved by her students, families, and fellow staff. Past students often return to visit her in their old classroom, and she is now teaching children of some of her very first students.

Agnes Cross began her career in 1984 as an aide at the Edison Montessori Pre-School, in Sherman, TX. She holds her Montessori Teaching Certificate from Southwest Montessori Training Center in Denton, TX.

Ms. Agnes and her husband have two children, both graduates of Belden Street Montessori School, a son-in-law, a new daughter-in-law and two wonderful grandchildren.

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Melissa Vidales

Teachers Assistant – Sunflower Class

Ms. Melissa comes to us from The School Zone Academy in Howe, TX. While living in Washington state, Melissa taught classes and gained experience at the Spring Valley Montessori School.

Laurel McKinney

Teacher – Iris Class Afternoon School Program Director
(903) 868-1019

Mikaela Vega

Teachers Assistant – Iris Class

Jessica Connor

Teacher – Bluebonnet Class

Barbara Saffa

Teachers Assistant – Bluebonnet Class
(903) 868-1019

Bridgette Norris

Teacher – Buttercup Class
(903) 868-1019

Melanie Schuth

Teacher – Buttercup Class
(903) 868-1019

Erica Lea

Teacher – Afternoon School Program

Damaris Combs

Teachers Assistant – After School Program

Mary Lonnevik

Teachers Assistant – After School Program

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