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At Belden Street Montessori we encourage and facilitate independent learning. Our Primary Program curriculum is Practical life skills, Sensorial exercises, Mathematics, Language, Geography and History, Science and Nature, Music and Art.

Our teachers and staff strive to provide a calm and structured classroom geared toward each child’s developmental learning needs. This class is made up of multiple age groups allowing the children to learn from one another. And with constant interaction with their peers, children learn how to take responsibility for themselves and others and how to get along as a community.

Belden Street Montessori is committed to teaching global awareness, peace education and environmental responsibility. We strive to help children take their place as citizens of the world.

  • Practical Life activities are introduced to employ real, child-sized materials that the individual learner can utilize to take care of their own needs and the needs of others. Our classroom community is designed to foster independence, purposeful movement, grace and courtesy.
  • Sensorial areas in our classrooms are equipped with materials that refine and develop your child’s senses. They will help your child gain the ability to make order of their environment and learn visual queues along with lessons that prepare them for future work in math and language.
  • Mathematics is taught with Montessori materials that give young children the opportunity to explore concrete materials in order to build a foundation for abstract concepts. Your child will begin to discover a mathematical logic for sequential order, symmetry, and precision.
  • Language supports both receptive and expressive language skills using both the traditional Montessori based phonetic practices and whole language approach. Our classrooms are full of activities that teach and promote reading and writing based on each child’s individual development.
  • Geography and History are also a strong focus of study at Belden Street Montessori. Children are exposed to concepts of physical and political geography while learning about different cultures from around our world.
  • Science and Nature are explored through a hands-on approach. Children learn foundational concepts that combine a wide variety of curricula – physics, astronomy, geology, chemistry, biology, anthropology, and many others.
  • Music and Art are a special focus in our classrooms with music and art appreciation, with group singing, movement activities, rhythmic experiences, and an introduction to design concepts while children work with various media.

For more detailed information please submit an Application for Admission. We will email a packet containing information about Montessori education, the history, and vision of Belden Street, a breakdown of tuition, and enrollment fee. The application lets us know you are interested, and there is no financial obligation until your child has been accepted.

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