AllisonWest Collage2Our Director

Allison West

Hi! My name is Allison West. I was born and raised in Sherman and attended Belden Street Montessori school from 1985-1987. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work from Texas Christian University and a Master in Arts in International Relations from St. Mary’s University. Before starting my career at Belden Street, I served as a school social worker in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I am a licensed social worker in the state of Arkansas. I have a young daughter who is attending Belden Street. I love that she gets to be immersed in Montessori. I am very excited to be back at Belden Street after 30 years.

Our Faculty

Sunflower Class
Agnes Cross
Erica Lea
Teachers Assistant

Bluebonnet Class
Barbara Saffa
Teacher – After School Program
Mary Lonnevik
Teachers Assistant

Iris Class
Laurel McKinney
Teacher – After School Program Director
Courtney Giles
Teachers Assistant

Buttercup Class
Bridgette Norris
Teacher – After School Program
Sara Walker
Teachers Assistant – After School Program

Our Board of Directors

Kimberly Brem
President / Community Representative
Ashley Ford
Vice President / Parent Representative
Jayden Floyd
Secretary / Parent Representative
Leigh Ann Sims
Treasurer / Community Representative

Staff Representative
Laurel McKinney
Allison West
Parent Representatives
Kristi Gerston
Rebecca Nash
Community Representatives
Cheree Harrell-Steward
Monica Stas

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