Our Director

Allison West

Hi! My name is Allison West. I was born and raised in Sherman and attended Belden Street Montessori school from 1985-1987. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work from Texas Christian University and a Master in Arts in International Relations from St. Mary’s University. Before starting my career at Belden Street, I served as a school social worker in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and I am a licensed social worker in the state of Texas. My daughters attend Belden Street and I love that they have been immersed in the same Montessori atmosphere and teachings I grew up with.

Our Faculty

Iris Class
Laurel McKinney
Teacher and Assistant Director

Teachers Assistant

Sunflower Class
Sara Walker
April Underwood
Teachers Assistant

Bluebonnet Class
Erica MaGee
Salma Gutierrez
Teachers Assistant

Buttercup Class
Bridgette Norris
Crysten Points
Teachers Assistant

Our Board of Trustees

Ashley Ford
President / Community Representative
Rebecca Nash
Vice President / Community Representative
Cheree Harrell-Steward
Secretary / Community Representative
Natalie Roberts
Treasurer / Parent Representative

Staff Representative
Allison West
Bridgette Norris
Laurel McKinney
Parent Representatives
Lesley Brooks
Whitney Oestreich
Community Representatives
Kimberly Cassell
Lori Carlson

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